Mission Statement



The Clarke County Equine Alliance was established in 2004 under the auspices of the county’s Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC), to unify and promote all equine-related business in the county, to be done by creating a central “clearing house” where members of the county’s horse industry can access complete, detailed and precise information for all of their equine-related needs.


We are dedicated to increasing the connectivity of all county equine and equine-related activities, span-ning all types of horses and pony breeds, and equine events, businesses and properties. We serve profes-sionals and amateurs alike. Clarke County has a very high equine population in comparison to its small size, and our carefully protected rural landscape offers superior equine facilities and riding opportunities not available in the more developed surrounding counties.

We coordinate closely with the Clarke County Farm Bureau, whose Equine Division works diligently to enhance the equine industry in both our county and the Commonwealth of Virginia, and who also lobby effectively to protect the interests of the increasing numbers of horses and ponies which represent an ever increasing percentage of the Commonwealth’s revenues.

Our members are kept informed on a regular basis of the county’s equine events and other important news that may concern them. Our annual Directory, distributed for free to feed stores, horse shows and throughout the county, gives important information on where to obtain the equine services in the coun-ty which our equine population requires.

Our website clarkecountyequinealliance.org is a valuable resource used by all, including a monthly updated calendar of county equine events.

If you are a horse lover, please join us! 

2019 CCEA Board of Directors

President: Robin Richards

Vice President: Mitchell Rode

Secretary/Treasurer: Christopher Bates

Directors: Mary K. Currran, Cathy Frederickson, Jill Gordon-Moore, Sandy Johnston, Eric Myer and Tara Whitman