Audley Farm Equine

PO Box 510 Berryville, VA 22611 

Contact: Turner Kobayashi 540-955-1251,

Premier Throughbred breeding, boarding, racing and sales

Clarke Haven Farm

1360 Summit Point Rd Berryville, VA 22612

Contact: Randall Loker 540-476-0934,

Horse bording, large outdoor arena, gated access to Gordonsdale X-country  course. (Also, see Financial Services)  

Clifton Farm

518 Clifton Farm Berryville, VA 22611 

Contact: Brent Mercke 571-437-0177

Raises sport horses and Angus cattle. Makes and sells round bales.      

Cooney Racing Stables LLC

1354 Walnut Hall Lane Berryville, VA 22611 

Contact: Susan Cooney 540-272-3313 /fax 540-364-1876,,

Breaking, training and LayUp for thoroughbred flat track.

Corner Farm

37 Cannon Ball Rd Berryville, VA 22611

Contacts: Gillian Gordon-Moore 540-955-0312,  Carlos S. E. Moore 540-955-1592

Thoroughbred breeding, racing and yearling sales. Thoroughbred Bloodstock Agents.

Mary K. Curran

309 Treadwell Street Berryville, VA 22611

Contact: Mary K. Curran 540-955-6374

Thoroughbred racing/owner, breeder and racing partnerships.

DeVaux Farms

691 Barbour Lane, Berryville VA 22611
Contact: Robin DeVaux / Jenna Wilson 703-232-6722
We offer training, boarding, buying and leasing services. We specialize in training junior riders, from preschool to high school, and support a busy show schedule. The schedule includes both local and rated shows. We also serve the needs of adults needing an introduction to the sport or brushing up on  their show skills.  

DMC Racing Stable

487 Fishpaw Road, Berryville VA 22611

Contact: Diana McClure cell 540-409-1281 / Michael Cooney cell 540-409-6168

We are a VA Certified Training Facility providing full care for breaking, training and racing thoroughbreds. We also provide full layup and leg up care.

Evergreen Farm, LLC

131 Allegheny Ridge Ln Berryville, VA 22611 

Contact: Pam Dors 540-955-0529, Boarding, training, lessons, sales, breeding- Arabians. Indoor and outdoor arenas. Dressage schooling shows.

Gaylord Cleveland Bays

211 Warner Washington Lane Berryville, VA 22611  Contact: Peter J. Cook 540-955-3118 Breeding the critically endangered Cleveland Bay Horse.

Glendale Farm

1318 Old Charles Town Road Berryville, VA 22612 Contact: Deb Norman 540-955-1955, Breeding and sale of Connemara and Connemara crosses. Foxhunters for sale. Standing imported  Connemara Stallions. Rattle 'n Snap Laddie Boy and Fernville Matchmaker.     

Gordonsdale Cross- Country Schooling Course

741 Lewisville Road Berryville, VA 22611  Contact: Mr. Sandy Johnston 540-533-5323,  Eventing schooling course with 40 jumps over 100 acres. Also, an excellent schooling driving course.

Hunt Club Farms

294 Longmarsh Road Berryville, VA 22611  

Contact: Tracy Zack 540-955-1779,  Boarding, training, eventing, foxhunting, dressage shows VADA Nova & CDCTA 

Kittery Point Farm

1600 Briggs Road Berryville, VA 22611

Contact: Anne Watkins 540-955-2659 

Carriage driving. Piedmont Driving Club

Lakeview Farm

4772 Senseny Rd. Berryville, VA 22612 

Contact: Michele Gibson 703-401-6221, Field and stall boarding. 

Red Moon Farm, LLC

2001 Senseny Road Berryville, VA 22611  

Contact: Yvonne Lucas 540-327-2263,

Boarding, lessons, training and sales. Dressage, jump, X-Country, foxhunt, and trail for horses and ponies. Layup and retirement boarding.

Thurman Farm

P.O. Box 472 Berryville, VA 22611 

Contact: Barbara Byrd 540-955-1215/fax 540-955-1973 

Breeding and sale of Connermara and cross-bred ponies.         


Arden Carrol

871 Old Chapel Rd. Boyce, VA 22620

Contact Arden Carrol 540-837-2826

Foxhunting and riding.

Caveland Farm

PO Box 194 Boyce, VA 22620 

Contact: Liz Dunning 540-837-1719

Field boarding of retirees.

Janet Deteran

501 Old Winchester Rd. Boyce, VA 22620

Contact: Janet Deteran  540-336-4289

Thoroughbred boarding, buying and selling. Temporary horse care services.

Duck Pond

2092 Old Winchester Rd. Boyce, VA 22620 

Contact: David & Marti Bryant 225-572-1317

Foxhunting, riding and enjoying retirement at Duck Pond.

Sarah Lieser

589 Bellevue Rd. Boyce, VA 22620

Contact: Sarah Lieser  540-336-0941

Friend of CCEA.

Millwood Equestrian LLC

393 Burch Lane Boyce, VA 22620 

Contact: Cathy Frederickson 540-336-9824

Equine educational programing, training, lessons, clinics, competition horses.

Roseville Farms, LLC

50 S. Greenway Avenue  Boyce, VA 22620 

Contact: Eric J. Myer, DVM 540-837-1519/cell540-533-7230

Thoroughbred breeding, racing, boarding, and sales & boarding in Geneseo NY. Grass fed beef and horse hay for sale.

Doris Stimpson

304 Nelson Rd. Boyce, VA 22619

Contact: Doris Stimpson 540-837-2077

Virginia trail riders and foxhunting.

Stoneledge Farm

1 Morning Star Lane Boyce, VA 22620

Contact:  Susan Molden 540-974-9996,,

Show hunters instruction, training shows and boading. Stall and field boarding layups.

The Horse Patch

PO Box 128 (Corner of Upper  Salem Rd & Rte. 723) Boyce, VA 22620

Contact: Page Allen 540-837-3047/cell 540-336-7687

Field and full care boarding, retirees, and layups welcome. Grass ring with jumps,excellent hacking, small private barn. Owner is a former Morven Park instructor with 40 years of experience.  

Viewmont Farm

1049 Browntown Road  Boyce, VA 22621 

Contact: Judi Weber 434-305-0465

Full board in lovely small barn, exceptional facility with manicured training level cross country course and a 100 x 200 sand/stone ring.  Dressage training by experienced competitor available.

Windfield Farm

2234 Old Chapel Road  Boyce, VA 22620

Contact:  Terri Trimble Catlett 540-837-2328

Boarding, layups, breeding, and sale of Dartmoor ponies.

Wykham View Stables, LLC

Mailing:  7225 John Marshall Hwy. The Plains, VA 20198 Physical: Claytonville Farm, Boyce, VA Contact: Carl Rafter 540-905-1073 

Thoroughbred racing, training, breaking and sales.


Conwy at Clay Hill

P.O. Box 134 (Clay Hill Rd.) Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Iona Pillion 540-837-1714 / barn 837-2284

Boarding, showing, eventing, training and foxhunting. Lessons for children aged six and up. A few selected ponies for sale.

Fairview Training Center, LLC

P.O. Box 245,3264 Millwood Rd. Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Katharine Rowland,

Dressage training, clinics, boarding and instruction.

Fox Springwoods

P.O. Box 299, 695 Clay Hill Rd. Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Ted & Sandra Guarriello 540-535-9260

Friend of CCEA.

Goshen Farm

P.O. Box 273 2651 Swift Shoals Rd Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Althea ‘Robin’ D.Richards 540-837-1001

Thoroughbred breeding to race, boarding, foaling and layups.

Jeff Murphy Training Stable, LLC

P.O. Box 207 Millwood, VA 22646

Contact: Jeff Murphy 540-514-6436 cell

Breaking & training of racing Thoroughbreds. Training and sale of foxhunters.

Long Branch Plantation

P.O. Box 241 (830 Long Branch Lane) Millwood, VA 22646

Contact: Angela Anderson 540-837-1856 fax 540-837-2290,

Boarding of equine retirees and equine - themed wedding events.

Millwood House LTD

PO Box 38 (Clay Hill Road) Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Norman Fine 540-837-1436 / Fax 540-837-3063         

Lodging for foxhunting visitors, hunting box rentals, boarding of field hunters. Sporting publishers: "Foxhunting Life" and e-magazine, FHL Week.

Sandstone Farm

P.O. Box365 Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Luci Strange 540-837-1261,

Boarding, Training, Lessons, Fox Hunting and sales.  Hunter, Jumper and  combined Test all season.  Horse and pony riding and Summer camp.

South Gate Farm

P.O. Box 332, 2909 Millwood Rd. Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Amy N. Moore 202-492-3562

Racing, buying and selling of Thoroughbreds. Field board for retired horses.

Spout Run Stables

598 Clay Hill Road Millwood, VA 22646

Contact: Linden Ryan 703-408-4696

Boarding, training lessons, foxhunters and event horses.

The Oaks

PO Box 242, 97 Tilthammer Mill Rd. Millwood, VA 22646 

Contact: Donny Hill & Anne Hillegas 931-993-1881,

Friends of CCEA

White Post

Bates Lea Farm, LLC

4581 Stonewall Jackson Hgwy White Post, VA 22663
Contact: Christopher Bates 540-869-7860
Breeding and sale of Morgan horses. Round bales horse hay for sale.

Cullenstone Farm

PO Box 81 White Post, VA 22663
Contact: Seth and Sarah Mackay-Smith 540-837-2529,
Field board for retirees.

Daybreak Stable, INC

640 Cedarwood Lane White Post, VA 22664
Contact: Jim or Emily Day 540-539-3216, 540-539-3359
Thoroughbred breeding and training. Flat and Steeplechase.

Farnley Farm & Shenandoah Pony Stud

619 Farnley Ln White Post, VA 22663
Contact: Hershell Shull 540-837-1733
Breeding and sale of ridden hunter ponies Welsh, Dartmoor and half-Thoroughbred.

Windfall Ponies

2770 Red Gate Rd White Post, VA 22663
Contact: Meridith Mackay-Smith 540-837-2456
Breeding and sale of Welsh and crossbred ponies for hunting and show.